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Inspiring the Artists of the Future: Excellence Through Musical Performance

Our Mission is to provide mentorship and chamber music education primarily to young people aged 7-19 through the formation of small ensembles who present outstanding performances of chamber music masterworks, with the purpose of developing the audiences and artists of the future.

By the Numbers:

80 Students in 2018-19 NCCMI program Over 40 performances in the Community 10 master classes/workshops

20 small ensembles (13 string quartets, 6 piano/strings and 1 woodwind quintet)

28 teachers (including NCS members, college professors and other outstanding community teachers)

How is the NCCMI program organized?

Students with 2- 3 years of musical experience can sign up online to audition for NCCMI. They are matched in groups, based on their level and schedule availability. Groups select their events out of multiple NCCMI choices. They rehearse at partnering churches or students’ homes. Financial Aid and payment plans are available.

Extensive Community Outreach

NCCMI spreads the joy of chamber music to over 40 locations each year! These events take place in retirement communities, churches, Wake County Public Libraries and other locations throughout Wake County and the Triangle area. Most locations are accessible with ramped entrances. Nearly all concerts are open to the public and free of charge.

Our Curriculum

Each year, ALL NCCMI students receive 16 sessions with teachers (ratio of 4 to 1). Every group performs in multiple community events, growing in confidence and artistry. Many students earn awards for exceptional community service hours. Students study music by composers from all style periods. One local composer is commissioned to compose a piece for an outstanding student ensemble. Students return in subsequent years for ever-increasing challenges and the reward of re-creating art with other like-minded young musicians.

NCCMI Major Events- Most are open to all students and the general public!

Grant Llewellyn Conducts NCCMI Chamber Orchestra! Oct. 20

Jasper String Quartet Master Class- Oct. 13

Borromeo String Quartet Master Class- Nov 17

Performance Review Mid Year Concerts- Jan. 6/ Jan. 12

Caroline Shaw Composer Workshop- May 18

Spring Formal Concerts- April 27/May 4

Community Partners

Chamber Music Raleigh- Series Artists teach NCCMI students in Master Classes and Workshops.

North Carolina Symphony-Since 2015, NCCMI has been an important Music Education Partner of NCS.

North Carolina Museum of Art- Final Spring Concert.

Edenton Street UMC, Highland UMC & Apex UMC- Provide space for rehearsals and performances, outreach events.

Church of the Nativity- Final Spring Concert and outreach events.

Community Music School-shared concert in Side-by-Side format with NCS conductor.

WCPE Radio- provides scholarship assistance, publicity and support.

City of Raleigh and the United Arts Council- grants to support our program and scholarships.


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NCCMI gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of the following individuals and organizations:


Waltye Rasulala, President
Elizabeth Beilman, Executive Director
Jimmy Gilmore, Assistant Executive Director
Rebecca Christian, Secretary
Katlyn Foster, Treasurer
Robert Monath Director
Lair Block, Director
Florence Peacock, Director
Mei Thai, Director
Kristen Hess, Director

Arioso Strings, Inc.- NCCMI Arioso Quartet
John Montgomery Violins
Triangle Strings- Jerry Pasewicz
D’Addario Strings

Chamber Music Raleigh
The North Carolina Symphony
Edenton Street United Methodist Church
Church of the Nativity
Wake County Public Libraries
Community Music School
Searstone Retirement Community
The Oaks at Whitaker Glen
The Cypress of Raleigh

WCPE Education Fund - WCPE Quartet
The Roberg Charitable Fund of
     Triangle Community Foundation
Florence and James Peacock
Lair and Mary Block
Mary Susan Fulghum
Assad Meymandi
Jack and Rita Gartner
Robert and Connie Eby
Ellen Jean Holcomb
Brooke Crozier
Jimmy Gilmore and Elizabeth Beilman
Warren Shank
Betty Kenan
Betty and Burton Dietz
Martin and Carol Brinkley
Bill and Anne-Marie Peters
Bonnie Thron Jacobowitz
William and Pam Dannelly
Nancy Vanhoenacker
Rebecca and Gordon Christian
Richard and Cynthia Bernard
Senator Tamara Barringer
Jennie H. Wallace
Patricia and Robert McQueen
John O’Neil
Christopher Dadd and Karen Magri
Joel Adams
Eunice Toussaint
Rachel Ash
James and Aud Ackermann
Ken and Ailsa Tessier
Gabrielle Falk
Dan McHugh
Irving and Ann Pearce
Patricia and Thad Beyle
Mei and Vincent Thai
David and Andrée Wolf
Henderson Vance- Downtown Development

Kristen and Steven Hess
Karen and Greg McLeod
James R. Patton, Jr.
Susan M. Durfee
John and Lisa Dion
Anya McGuirk
Kella and David Hatcher
Jason Pace
Todd and Angie Southwell
Matt and Meg Segal
Gift in memory of Martha Gage Page-
       by students of Mary Page Block
Waltye Rasulala
Jennifer and Briyan Kearney
Ashley and Sterling Perkinson
Jacobi Daley
Mary Zehr
Jane Vella
George and Mary Beth Deaton
Fanny Memory Mitchell
Drake Driscoll
Edward Szabo
Susan Herring
Ivan Bowman
Gail and Alfred Christensen
Kay Struffolino
Pat Beyle
Stanford and Long Yates
Ann T. Berry
Theodore Wagner
Kathryn G. Owen
Robert Upchurch
Francesco and Ilia Scrivano
Pat and Bob McQueen
Fang Fang and Guojie Xu
Theodore Wagner

The North Carolina Chamber Music Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Tax-deductible donations by the general public, in order to support scholarships, outreach and general operations are deeply appreciated.

NCCMI is funded in part by the City of Raleigh based on recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission.


NCCMI is supported by the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, as well as the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

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